Update – Friday, 17th March 2017


Dear Students

As of 8th March 2017, students from the Faculty of Business and Management, School of Foundation as well as the Diploma programmes have already commenced classes at the APU new campus in the two earlier phases of the move.

In this regard, we are pleased to announce the following:

• All classes for the Computing & Technology Undergraduate programmes will commence at the new APU campus from Monday 3rd April 2017. However, to allow sufficient time for Computing Laboratories to be transferred to the new campus, the Computing Laboratories in the current building will not be available between 1st April and 9th April 2017. The Laboratories will be available for Lab Sessions from Monday 10th April at the new campus, and your lecturers will arrange for replacement sessions where required. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this period of movement.

• The APU Administrative Services Office will also move to the new campus at the same time, and will operate from the 4th Floor of the campus from Monday 3rd April 2017.

Your Dean, Head of School, Lecturers and Programme Leaders will however remain at the current Faculty office in Incubator 2, TPM, while the new faculty offices are set-up at the new campus. However, seating locations will be allocated for academic staff to be able to meet you for consultation sessions and so on.

All students will be able to submit assignments as well as submit documentation for Visa Renewals at the new Administrative Services Office at the new campus from 3rd April onwards.

Examinations will continue to be held at the Examination Centre in South City until further notice.

Please note that all classes and Laboratory sessions for the School of Engineering will remain at the current building until further notice.

For very important detailed information on how to get to the new campus, parking arrangements, the APCard Cashless Payment System etc, please refer to the posts below.

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